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This is a call for your help: both for supporting this site, and for supporting my current and future projects.

Nov 1, 2023

Dear readers:

This is a call for your help... help supporting this site, and my current and future projects.

You may sign up for a free membership, or you can sign up for a paid membership. Both are significant for me: free memberships signal that what you may find here is worthwhile, and paid memberships say the same thing with a stronger emphasis...

Right now, I'm developing two games: 18SP, a 18xx game about railways in São Paulo, Brazil, at the height of the coffee trade; and ROMAMOR, a role-playing world, based on an alternate, feminist history of the Roman Republic.

Besides that, I intend to publish here several of my Game Studies papers, some of which will need to be translated. I also intend to publish here selections from my book Homo regulans, published last year (in Portuguese), and which deals with the relationships between games, rules, and people.

Last but not least, I have recently become the editor for the august The Kommandeur, perhaps the oldest wargame newsletter still in print.

That's all for now... but it's quite certain that some other ideas will crop up. Thank you very much for your interest, and I hope to see your name in the membership rolls here.

Ave atque vale!

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Luiz Cláudio S. Duarte

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