Academic work

The pages in this section offer information on my publications, in English, and on my work as editor of academic journals.

  • This article was submitted to SBGames XIII (2014 Brazilian Symposium on Digital Games and Entertainment, organized by the Brazilian Computation Society). It dealt with the theoretical foundations of the Distinctive Features (DF) framework, as pertaining to Game Studies. This framework would be fully developed in my master's dissertation, which I presented a few months later.

    This article was selected as one of the three best articles in the Arts & Design track of SBGames XIII.
  • One year after the previous article, I submitted two new articles to SBGames XIV. This one again presented the DF framework, with regard to developments and refinements during the intervening year.

    Both articles were very well received; I was invited to write an enlarged version, and submit it to publication in Elsevier's Entertainment Computing (see below).
  • This was the second article submitted to SBGames XIV. Here, I presented the empirical research from which several of the model refinements were derived. The research focused on DFs linked to the cooperative dynamics in board games.
  • In this article, I again presented the DF framework, showing its chronological development and refinement. Here, I presented both the empirical data collected during research, and the theoretical underpinnings of the DF framework, and concluded presenting some ideas for further research.
  • This article was published in Gamasutra. Here, I discussed the MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics) theoretical framework (proposed by Hunicke, LeBlanc and Zubeck in 2004), noting some of its limitations with regard to board games.

    The modification to MDA that I presented here arose from the discussions of my master's dissertation, and they are an important part of the theoretical foundations for the DF framework.
  • Gradus is the brainchild of Adelaide H. P. Silva and Ubiratã K. Alves, researchers in the field of Laboratory Phonology. They are the editors of this journal, and they invited me to be its technical editor. As such, I'm responsible for both the website and the layout of the published articles.

    I was also invited to submit an article to the first issue, although not on Phonology. This is an article, written by my friend Dr. Adriano F. Holanda and by me, discussing several legal and philosophical problems with Brazilian regulations on research with human beings.
  • The idea of an academic journal on Game Studies has been discussed, for some time, by several Brazilian and Portuguese researchers in this field. In 2016, I was invited to be the editor of Acta Ludica.

    As in Gradus, I'm responsible for the website and the layout; but, in Acta Ludica, I'm also the general editor, working in tandem with the members of the Board of Editors.