The Gold of Tolosa

Publicado em 18/05/2015 | Category: jogos | RPG, aventuras, The First Man in Rome

In 1995, I had just finished reading Colleen McCullough’s The First Man in Rome. In this book, one important subplot concerns the fate of the Gold of Tolosa. The story caught my fancy and I started researching it.

At the time, the only primary source that I managed to find was Strabo’s Geography (book 4, chapter 1). Taking some ideas from McCullough, and combining them with the meagre information in Strabo, I wrote an RPG adventure for GURPS 3rd edition. I sent the manuscript to Pyramid magazine, but it was rejected. Anyway, Steve Jackson Games asked to link the adventure in the page for GURPS Imperial Rome

The original text can be found here.


Luiz Cláudio Silveira Duarte

Luiz Cláudio Silveira Duarte

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